Monday, January 17, 2011

Everything I Learned as a Kid about Sportsmanship was Bullshit

Respect your opponent. Don't talk shit. Be a gracious winner. Those are all things we were taught as kids when we played sports as the foundation of athletic success. If you play hard and play the right way, good things will happen.

All that shit died last night.

Now don't get me wrong, I really couldn't care less who won or lost the Jets/Pats game. I had no horse in that race. I like Tom Brady. I like LaDainian Tomlinson. The Eagles are done. No big deal either way.  But the concept of sportsmanship definitely took an L with the Pats loss. Sure, they're a cheating-ass spygate team with a dickhead quarterback and too many white receivers. But at least PUBLICLY they stood for class and playing the game "the right way." They even benched their #1 WR for a quarter a few plays for COVERTLY talking shit.

Don't go thinking that I don't like the Jets. I love Rex Ryan's foot fetish fuck-my-wife-in-all-three-holes I-live-life-how-I-please style. If more people adopted that level of self-confidence there'd be a lot less haters in the world. But everything dude stands for is the opposite of sportsmanship. If he could burn the jersey of every player on the other team live on Sportscenter he would. If he could take a shit in Troy Polamalu's Head & Shoulders without getting fined he would. I love it cause it's funny. But even a cold-hearted asshole like myself can see the fall of good taste with the Jets' win. Cromartie called the opposing quarterback an asshole and the organization was cool with that? Really?

Now I gotta root for these jerkoffs cause I wanna see how much MORE shit they can talk during Super Bowl week. The end is nigh.


  1. "Sure, they're a cheating-ass spygate team with a dickhead quarterback and too many white receivers."
    Really???? Imagine a white person writing that in their blog but sayting that they are a team with too many black receivers... Shit would hit the fan and they'ed be called a racist... F'ed up. Whyyy???
    Besides that agree with the article.

  2. the phillies have way too many black players. there. i said it.

  3. LOL! Happy MLK day! I do love this blog! Please post something too make fun of favre and his fake retirement.

  4. Omg, give Rex Ryan 2 weeks to talk shit.....

  5. Maurice. Write what you want to write. I'm so pro-racism I'm almost my father.