Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Name of the Year Has Returned - Let the Hilariousness Begin

If you are not familiar with what I speak, then you have been deprived of one of the Internet's greatest treasures.  Name of the Year has returned for Twenty-Ten.

This website is absolutely fantastic on so many levels.  It's your standard 64 entry tournament in the bracket format that all March Madness fans have been accustomed to.  In the end, there will be a name of the year crowned.  And these names are absolutely off-the-wall outrageous and hilarious. 

The best part is - they are REAL names.  These aren't made up.  Nohjay Nimpson, Charity Beaver, and Coke Wisdom O'Neal are all real, documented people that live within our society. 

I've been waiting for WEEKS for NOTY to post it's new bracket.  The giggle factor alone is tremendous.  It's amazing how a blog that only posts for about 8 weeks a year is this entertaining - but it is.

For the record, my Name of the Year Final Four is: Courvoisier Riley, Special Jennings, Steele Sidebottom, and Furious Bradley.  Steele Sidebottom wins it in overtime.  Epic.

Go HERE to fill out your bracket.  Follow along and vote at the NOTY home page.  You will not be disappointed.  Besides, we all know you had Kansas beating Kentucky in the final of the NCAA tourney and have no chance of winning your work pool.  Brandie from Payroll is winning that.


  1. your final four is way off. As a comment on the NOTY site says: "Nohjay Nimpson is the UConn women of this bracket."

    I got Nojay Nimpson, Dinero Fudge, Dick Smallberries Jr, and Sparticus Bernstein as my quattro final.

  2. Honestly, while definetly a powerhouse, Nojay Nimpson is going to get all it can handle from Lolita Respectnothing.

  3. Hannukkah Wallace
    Shamiracle Johnson
    Pizza Ashby
    Flavious Killibrew

  4. Pizza "Cinderella Story" Ashby!!

  5. X'Zavier Bloodsaw vs Dick Smallberries Jr.

    Selathious Bobo vs Furious Bradley


    X'Zavier Bloodsaw vs Furious Bradley

    Winner: X'Zavier Bloodsaw

  6. Final Four

    Hannukkah Wallace
    Special Jennings
    Pizza Ashby
    Pencilman Jefferies


    How weird. The Number 13 seed Indiana Faithful goes to school here in Maine. It has to be him...what other parents would give their kid a retarded name like that? He's an AMAZING B-Ball player.

    X'Zavier Bloodsaw
    Dick Smallberries Jr.

    Pepsi Hamburger
    Mister Cobble


    Dick Smallberries Jr. defeats Mister Cobble