Monday, October 19, 2009

On a Brighter Note...

Lets hear it for the Phillies! They completely ran over a lifeless Dodger team from first pitch to final out last night. It gave us all a reason to smile on day that would've otherwise thrown us into a downward spiral of depression.

More than anything else, the purpose of this post is to just give a big collective "Thank You" to Phillies.  The Phils have once again covered for the Eagles, much like they did during the Bird's mid-season slump last year.  The Phillies have made it far easier to get over the embarrassment we suffered earlier in the afternoon.

And lets not forget - the Giants got Ram-Jammed by the Saints yesterday. Normally we would be enjoying some Monday morning trash talking towards our North Jersey / NY friends.  But nooo, no fun for us...the Eagles go and promptly lose.  Badly. 


But then the Phils came along last night to save the day.  From Howard's huge triple to Werth's 2 run dong in the 1st inning, everyone began to step back from the ledge.  With every Cliff Lee strikeout, I felt my smile grow wider.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  A complete thrashing of an opponent.  A game executed to perfection by a team that knows how to win big games and not let off the throat of an opponent.

So on behalf of the city of Philadelphia, I thank you.  Each and every member of this team picked up the city when just a few hours earlier they were feeling their worst. 

This has been a great season and I can't be more confident they'll repeat as NL Champs in a few short days.  It's a great feeling.  And you know what - it runs deeper than the Phils winning on a day the Eagles fell flat on their faces.  In the past 2 years, the Phillies are beginning to trump the Birds on all fronts.  A town that has always been football-first, has somewhat balanced out as of late.  I'm not delusional enough to say the Eagles will ever take a backseat to the Phillies, but man....the once cavernous gap between the two is closing fast!

Heavy B is on the mound for Game 4, facing a familiar face in Randy Wolf.  With each passing game, I managed to somehow get more hyped than the one prior. 

Good luck tonight fellas.


  1. Roselli says - Phillies 6 LA 4. LETS GO PHILLIES! LETS GO PHILLIES! Let the Cheater Chants rain down tonight!

  2. timestamp: 10:00 pm ... anyone else watching the broncos chargers game?! LL Cool J just texted me: "Philip Rivers is about to go all PHILIP RIVERRRRRSSS!" (HOPE YOU TOOK THE OVER!!!)