Monday, October 19, 2009

Jimmy F'in Rollins

Jimmy F'in Rollins.

Enough said.


You really can never give up on this team. Down to their last out, Jimmy Rollins, who hadn't had a big hit in forever, crushed a double to the gap and with that gave the Phillies a 3-1 series lead in the 2009 NLCS. In the face of certain defeat, the Phillies yet again showed why this team has more heart than any other team in professional sports today.

Most fans probably lost hope after they failed to score in the eighth. But the Phillies had a different plan for Game 4.

After Ibanez weakly grounded to second to start the ninth, Charlie called upon Matt Stairs. Jonathan Broxton (who I told all of you doesn't scare me) proceeded to pee his pants in fear, walk Stairs on four pitches and then hit Ruiz. With the tying run in scoring position, pinch hitter Greg "Lou" Dobbs got jammed and popped to Casey Blake.

And then came J-Roll. Honestly, the script here probably called for a strikeout. But, like most Octobers, the script writers aren't working this time of year. Rollins, who had struggled all postseason (hell, all year) smashed a double to the wall. As Ethier and Kemp hopelessly ran to the ball, Bruntlett and Ruiz came barreling home and Philadelphia celebrated.

This team keeps giving us reasons to believe. If there were any naysayers left out there, they are gone now. Does anyone doubt what will happen in Game 5? Anyone?

I'll see you at CBP, Wednesday, 8:07 PM.

Go Phils. Bring it home.

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