Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Uno Mas

Here we are, just 8 hours away from Game 5 of the NLCS. Just hours away from a possible repeat as National League Champions. It will be glorious. And maybe the start of something even better.

The phillies hold a 3-1 series lead and with one more win, we'll be facing the Yankees in just a short week (come on, everyone knows the Angels are donezo).

I will be in attendance tonight to watch the Phils go out there and take care of business - you can't help but be confindent when this team takes the field. They're that good.

And with that, there was a great article in the Wall Street Journal today asking the question: are these Phillies the greatest Philadelphia team of all time?

In the long history of Philadelphia sports, precious few teams have inspired this sort of optimism. This is, after all, the biggest American sports town whose four major professional sports teams haven't produced a single modern dynasty. While New York has the Yankees, Boston has the Celtics, Pittsburgh has the Steelers and Detroiters the Red Wings, the City of Brotherly Love has to hark back to the old Philadelphia A's from 1910 to 1914 to find a team that won more than two titles in rapid succession. [WSJ]
Sad, but true.  And also a major reason why we gotta cheer these guys on and get another title. Special thanks to blog friend Tesh for this link.


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