Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ron Artest Wouldn’t Even Do This

Here we have Kobe Bryant and family celebrating the NBA Championship in Disneyland.

Is it me, or is Kobe committing a pretty big foul here? You can't go around wearing a t-shirt featuring a big picture of your OWN face. Didn't anyone tell him the lead singer can't wear a shirt with the name of the band on it? If nothing else, it just looks… uh, goofy (PUN INTENDED! HONK, HONK!)

Seriously though… come on Kobe, you're better than that.

[Pic via Ocean County Register thru 'Recommended Reading' at the700level]


  1. is katelyn faber taking the picture?

  2. ... and it may just be me, but does kobe look like he's wearing the Humpty nose?

  3. upon second look... I'm gonna say yes. yes he is. Good catch sir. i've also heard kobe likes his oatmeal lumpy and has referred to those he dislakes as 'looptid'

  4. Just grab 'em in the biscuits!