Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madden Drops McNabb's Stamina Rating Eight Points

It looks like Mike Shanahan, the head coach and supposed mascot for the Washington Redskins, has some pull in the Madden world. After Shanny's benching of Arizona McHuskyshape, the folks over at EA decided to drop the former Eagles QB's stamina rating from a 97 to 85 in their Week 9 update. This now assures that you'll be playing with Rex Grossman after scrambling more than 10 yards with Donovan.

Hooray for simulated football justice!

Also of note, the game's developers have decided that Kenny Britt's unlubed raping of the Eagles secondary wouldn't go unpunished as they dropped Ellis Hobbs' overall rating from an 81 to a 76 and Nate Allen's from a 79 to a 71. To reiterate: Kenny Britt has single-handedly made the Eagles' defense 13 points worse. RU Rah Rah.

h/t to Deadspin and PastaPadre

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