Monday, January 24, 2011

Afternoon Links: The Gatekeeper

Jeff Passan: Spring Training Preview - Passan compares the Phils to the Miami Heat.  Minus the egos, dickishness, and national hatred.  [Yahoo]

Surfer rides 30 foot waves at Hawaii's most notorious reef break in the complete darkness of night. - This video totally reminds me of the last scene of Point Break. Johnny Utah is waiting on that beach to bring you down, brah.  [The Grind TV Blog]

Flavor Flav To Open Iowa Chicken Place - This dude is the personification of coonery. [Yahoo]

The Chinese Play Us All for Fools - So the Chinese pianist who played during President Hu's trip to the White House played an anti-American propaganda song and their whole country is laughing at us. [Althouse]

Yes, Yes, Mike Tomlin Looks Like Omar Epps - Deal with it. [MediaTakeOut]

Speaking Of Deal With It - Oh, Gucci. Amberlamps, Amberlamps, 911, 911. [Gif Party]

Real-Life Peter Griffin - The green pants may be photoshopped, but this is still a winner. [The Whoa]

Best Video Game Induced Slap of All Time - And it happened to an infant. I love the delayed reaction of the child from "what the hell happened" to "I probly should start crying". [WSHH]

Whiskey in a Can - 12oz of whiskey in a can. The company says it's "the perfect size to be shared between 3 people." Goddamn I love this country. This is perfect for those get-drunk-fast situations i.e. football games, long train rides, in line for a club, marital strife, etc. [Gawker]

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