Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afternoon Links: Jordan's Handshake Will Drain Your Melanin

Guy Breaks Into Car and Leaves Note Behind - Here's the kicker - he was just letting the rightful owner know he left love stains in his backseat [RegretfulMorning]

Michael Jackson was at the Lakers game the other night - Prince Michael Jackson that is.  Oh and George Lopez too if you're into that.  [TMZ]

Horrible Choices in Tattoos Alert - This guy's back looks like some punk's denim jacket in the '80s [inlinethumb24]

The Best Limo Ever - Now get your meat hooks off me. [oHAYthur]

Man Lays on Tracks and Films Train Passing Over Him - Do it face up next time, ya pansy [Gizmodo

68 photos of Olivia Munn - I don't really need to sell you on this, do I?  [buzzfeed]

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