Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Afternoon Links: Lowered Expectations

How To Crack a Credit Card Number - Oh, we mean "validate a credit card with your mind" not steal people's shit. [loneiguana]

The State of the Internet - Lots of fun stats - how about the fact 89% of all E-mails sent in 2010 were SPAM  [Focus]

Taco Bell Crime of the Week - $5M lawsuit claiming Taco Bell is using fake beef.  Complete with a side of anti-dusting agent.  [OCweekly]

How To Knit a 'Smitten' - Spoiler alert: It's a mitten sewn together so you and your equally despicable companion can hold hands and stay warm at the same time.  Also, you should drown each other.  [cocoknits]

Teen Stabs Man Over Stinky Feet - First a serial farter and now smelly feet?  Insult stabbings are way up this month.  [UPI]

Chaz Bono Had Breast Removal Surgery, Wants to Look Like Michael Chiklis - Okay, well when is Michael Chiklis' breast removal surgery then? [E! Online]

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