Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do or Do Not, There is No Try

In searching for inspiration this morning, I looked no further than our favorite Jedi Master Yoda.

Do or do not, there is no try.

No quote could be more appropriate for what the Phillies have ahead of them tonight. A Game 6 showdown in the Bronx, with a season on the line. There is only one option for our Fightin's tonight, win. Win. Win. That's it, nothing else will do.

The NY Post is confident, and rightfully so. The Yankees are up 3-2, with "old faithful" Andy Pettitte on the mound. The Phillies counter with Pedro Martinez, a polarizing figure who relishes the big stage, but one that has struggled against the Yankees at times. Even Accuscore has the Phillies chances at only 39%. The numbers, sadly, are stacked against our Phillies.

But I don't care. This Phillies team isn't going to just bow out gracefully, allowing the Yankees to celebrate their 27th World Series title. This team isn't going to go out there and just "give it their best shot." No, this team is going to fight because they expect to win. There isn't a Phillie in that clubhouse that doesn't see them hoisting a second-consecutive title. They all know that being down 3-2 just gives them the opportunity to win 4-3. They know this is their moment, all they need to do is take it.

I understand what the Phillies are up against tonight. The Yankees are a great team, built to win from the bottom up. They have three sure-fire hall-of-famers and their home crowd behind them. They have a seemingly insurmountable lead in the series, with a seemingly unhittable closer. They should win.

But they won't.

Go Phils.

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  1. Would you like to change your statement? Haha. I hate those god damned Yankees.