Monday, July 19, 2010

This is News??

Eagles Training Camp needs to start, pronto. The Philly sports "news" I've been forced to read is so remarkably dull that I'm actually writing a post about how remarkably dull it is. I literally saw a headline today that read "Herremans says foot is fine." Are you shitting me?

So I actually clicked on this article and, sure enough, Todd Herremans says of his foot: "It will be fine." Yay.

The article is a total of 423 words. Another article on, this one concerning new anti-poverty iniatives in Camden, is 623 words. For realsies, the difference between these stories needs to be more than 200 words.

Also on, I found this story (Alice is a fan of toys) sandwiched in between coverage of Hungarian crash victims and the Philadelphia mayoral election. Go Inquirer!

I just...I just need real philly sports news that's not about Flyers trades or how bad the Phillies look. I swear to God if I have to read another story on Cornelius Ingram's knee I'm going on a tri-state murder spree.

If you feel like me, maybe this'll brighten up your day. A smiley Randy Moss and a walrus after the jump.

courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber


  1. Which one is which?...(pause for laughter)...nothing? oh well.

  2. Usually I'm not a fan of agreeing with maurice -- Especially when it comes to taste in music, movies, politics, women, or even ways to behave in public ... In this way I feel very much like maurice's father. However I have to agree with the point that he makes... the media is bullshit.

  3. i, for one, thinks Maurice has excellent taste in music, movies, and women. his politics on the other hand....a bit silly.