Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chris Berman's Mustache Looks Terrible, Requires Mockery


C'mon Berman, I'm normally a fan of 'staches but nothing positive can be said of yours. I understand that a mans gotta do things to spice up his look from time to time, but how about considering a dress shirt with sleeves instead of allowing that creature to nest on your lip. You look gross, dude. You look like the 30-year owner of a leather shop in San Fran's Castro district.

Get that Von Kaiser Mike Tyson's Punch Out shit off yo face. I don't care how many self-deprecating jokes you make, it doesn't excuse you for looking like you do on national television.  Whoop!


  1. The Berman 'stache looks like the tail of the dead squirrel that Wheels wears on his head.

  2. 'stach looks like a broom from old lady on hoarders