Monday, December 20, 2010

The Manningface To End All Manningfaces

There aren't too many words to describe yesterday's win; just an incredible 8 minutes of football. Complete insanity commenced as DeSean took the punt back and ran his way along the goal line. My apartment was complete mayhem immediately following the touchdown.

To have this game capped off with the best Manningface of ALL-TIME, only makes this win that much more special. Just look at him. He looks like someone farted in his cereal and wizzed in his apple juice. Or maybe he's givin' the stank face like someone just pooted in the green room. (HUGE bonus points if you get that last joke). Regardless, it's fantastic.

Welcome to your Monday, Philadelphia. Life is good.

Cliff Lee.

[h/t KSK for the pic]

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