Monday, January 3, 2011

Coffee's a Dollar and People are Furious

Wawa Coffee -- It Ain't Free, But It's Cheap - Wawa is awesome. Why? Well, because for the entire month of January, you can grab any size, any flavor of their coffee for $1. Yup, just a dollar, no matter what size or flavor you fancy. Enjoy!

This is amazing.

How and why could any anyone click "Furious" or "Sad"?  Are you a Wawa stockholder?  Do you have a Mormon-like hatred for hot drinks?  The fuck is wrong with you?  I clicked "Thrilled." Why? Because French Vanilla cappuccino is motherfucking delicious and is worth me losing my toes to diabetes.

Side note: the milkshake machine is also amazing and completely underutilized. I never see anyone but myself using this thing. Don't you see what we've accomplished? Taking a frozen cylinder, putting it into a machine, and getting a delicious milkshake in mere seconds. That's some Jetson's shit! If the milkshakes were a dollar I'd lose my whole foot by MLK day because of that 57 grams of sugar thing.


  1. I'm addicted to the new beverages they have on the touchscreens. I love you, chocolate banana smoothie.

  2. Double Dutch Chocolate Milk is another great Wawa product. I worked for Wawa for one terrible month as a kid, but I got to steal drinks and one time spit in a cops hoagie. Advantage: Maurice.

  3. anyone remember that for a minute Wawa had little mini pizzas? Only a few of the stores sold them. they only them for what seemed like a week a couple years ago. they weren't tasty though.

  4. Gotta go with the Cookies n'Cream drink, in the Chocolate Milk section. That shit's great and it's not as bad for you as the milk shake.