Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Video of a Hawk Eating a Pigeon on Top of a Car on Market Street You've Been Waiting For

Gotta love some real-life animal kingdom shit going on right in the middle of the city.

What I don't get is why there is such a double standard for how we humans react to animal slaughter. If this hawk had torn the head off, say, a squirrel -- every female passer-by would be disgusted and feel pity for the furry guy. But because it's a headless pigeon, it's funny.

And does a large bird tearing apart and eating a smaller bird count as cannibalism? I, a 6'6" black man, couldn't just walk down Market Street and rip the head off a smallish Asian man and devour his carcass on a Chrysler Sebring. When the hawk does it it's "cool" and "viral". When I do it it's "murderous" and "wrong".

Double standards.

h/t Philebrity


  1. Did anyone else read this and picture Maurice devouring an asian man? I know I did. Last summer I saw this weird little asian guy walking down market street. That's the guy I pictured. In my imagination, Maurice made his approach from behind, slowly picking up pace as he closed in on the tiny unsuspecting asian man. Then, when he was within reach, he pulled a large knife from the inside of his trench coat and in one swing took of the guys head. Then he feasted. The details of said feast are too gruesome to tell. The unsuspecting driver of the Chrysler Sebring (convertible) was horrified.

  2. Did the asian man cut you off? Your actions would be totally justified then

  3. Anyone else acknowledge the severe lack of asians in your circle of friends? How does this make you feel?

  4. I have plenty, actually. Met most from college and work. I love the sideways so speak fa yaself.