Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sixers Already Won Two More Home Games Than All Of Last Season

Depressed Fan - Consider this. In the first 20 days of the season, the Sixers played five home games. One win over Indiana and four losses to Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland and Toronto. A 1-4 start at home with two losses to sub-.500 teams. Since that Toronto loss, the Sixers are 13-3 at the WFC. The three losses were a one-point game vs. the Celtics, a 12-point loss to the Lakers (which they led after three quarters), and a blip. The Pacers beat the Sixers in Iguodala's first game back from injury. Of the 13 wins, the Sixers have beaten Chicago, Utah, Portland and New Orleans. All playoff teams. They also beat nine sub-.500 teams, including MIL twice, CHA twice, LAC and PHO.

There is no better Sixers resource in the cyberwebs than Brian over at DepressedFan. Dude has all kinds of stats and shit that casual roundball fans won't even understand, so when he makes a point about something I tend to listen. His point this time? The Sixers will only finish above .500 if they can keep up this type of play on the homecourt. Could they contend with the Knicks for the #6 spot in the East? Maybe. But they're so shitty on the road that they probably won't.

Also, DepressedFan contends that Philly fans have an irrational hatred of Andre Iguodala. Even when he plays well. I dunno, I just don't get why people are so quick to criticize the guy. Oh wait.


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