Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Every Rapper In the 90's Apparently Did St. Ides Commercials

I never knew a marginally-popular hood malt liquor company like St. Ides had this kind of marketing budget.  Maybe it's because I was in elementary school when these videos were produced, but wow I don't remember them at all. Everybody is in these things.  Like...everybody. Including Dr. Dre and Snoop (Doggy) Dogg as seen in this early 90's commercial. The Best Part? Most of the ads don't make any goddamn sense. Let's look at a quick breakdown of what happens in this one.
  • Ripped dude on a fire escape pours an entire water cooler bottle on himself for some reason.
  • Two hot girls drive by in a St. Ides-themed lowrider.
  • She hits the switches and they starts ta bouncin.
  • Uh oh, is that beer in her hydrolics? Looks like it.
  • The car breaks the ground, then proceeds to bounce so high that it's vertical.
  • Aaand now the car has broken the laws of physics and is levitating vertically and spinning, both women still inside.
  • Holy shit now the car (and the girls) turn into a giant bottle of St. Ides.
  • The bottle's top explodes off.
  • A seemingly giant Dr. Dre grabs the car-and-girls-turned-malt liquor while Snoop (Doggy) Dogg confidently looks on.
  • You become thirsty for a St. Ides.
It's...brilliant. Check out other commercials featuring Wu-Tang, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Cypress Hill, and Eric B. & Rakim below.

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  1. The Dre one is pure sexual car or bottle of malt liquor has that much liquid bursting out of it EVER...and I do mean EVER...

    amazing how Rakim and Eric B never held the product up in their video. I would love to do that type of promo work! Create a tightly woven rap to a beat I used earlier in my career, work the product name in @ the end and get a check? Sign me UP!