Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Do You Think, Long Snapper?

Dave Spadaro managed to interview Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos for 10 minutes, 44 seconds on Monday. Topics included the CBA and impending labor strike, slick footballs, his magic shows, and what the Birds needs to do to improve for next year. Now, I like Jon. He seems like one of the smarter players and a genuinely interesting guy. But what the fuck are they doing interviewing the long snapper about magic and on "what went right and what went wrong for his team in 2010"? There is such thing as over saturation, Spadaro.


DS - So what went wrong this year?

JD - I dunno, I can't speak for the rest of the guys, but I had a lot of really tight spirals on some of my snaps. Other spirals were less tight. But, you know, its a learning process. I really want to concentrate on snapping the ball with a super tight spiral next season. I think that's my goal for 2011. Making lots of money and snapping balls really well.



  1. "other spirals were less tight" hahaha

  2. JD- I gotta do a better job of aligning my asshole so that it points directly at Kevin's nose.