Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oilers Need to Get a Dog or Go to Church

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

Apparently, the Edmonton Oilers had a little peepee in their pants during the first period of Tuesday night’s game. The young Oilers team was criticized for playing nervous and scared as they sat back and watched the resurgent Flyers squad do work on em'. Flyers outshot the Oilers 17-1 in the first period. That's on some video game shit right there. Flyers win 4-1 with a nice 2 goal game from Jeff Carter.

Thank God! I was checking for used puppies and online ministries myself after that 4 game slump. We needed to beat up on a team like this for our own sense of self, I mean, we are the bullies after all. Lavs and Homer played this losing streak the right way. After that blow-out Rangers game, the Flyers players were given the silent treatment and told to go home.

"They were just as embarrassed as the rest of us after that game. Sometimes you just got to pull away and let them sit in their own pile of shit and hit them the next day."- Paul Holmgren

Just a couple more things. 1.) Giroux needs to shoot, stop with the no look drop passes. I like you...but you’re crazy. 2.) Andreas Nodl and Nickolay Zherdev were both scratched. This is a fair deal. If one is out, the other should be out too. If only Zherdev and Nodl could find a pair of those DBZ earrings, or learn the dance and fuse together to create one good player, that'd be perfect... Nickoleas Zherdl would be the shit. That's all I have to say about that.



  1. I had some of that "my-dog-is-so-damn-excited-waggin-his-tail-oh-man-is-that-peepee-on-the-floor" peepee in my pants after that first period. Let's Go Flyers!

    Sorry about your couch anonymous...

  2. I personally know the fusion dance so lets make that happen! Gotenks won't have shit on Nickoleas Zherdl!