Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chase Utley, You Are The Man!

Last night, the city of Philadelphia was hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. Was it even possible that the hated New York F'in Yankees would celebrate their 27th World Series title on our field? After an early run-scoring double courtesy of A-Roid, it was looking like the night may not belong to our Fightin's. Chase Utley, however, had a different idea.

Two ideas, actually.

Last night made it official, Chase Utley is the hottest hitter on the planet right now. His two home runs last night lifted the Phillies to victory, no matter how bad Ryan Madson tried to blow it. He's locked in, just like that two-month stretch to start 2008 when he basically hit a home run everyday. CC couldn't get him out. Burnett couldn't either. And with four of his five home runs this series (he's now tied Reggie Jackson's record, set in 1977) hit against left-handers, I'm not sure Pettite will get him out in Game 6. So that's one thing the Phillies have going for them. Here are three more:

1) Andy Pettitte on three days' rest. Now I honestly think that Andy Pettitte will give the Yankees a good start tomorrow; he's a gamer and he's been here before. But he hasn't started on three days' rest since he was 34 (he's 37 now), so there is risk involved there. Take into account that Pettitte said he had "nothing" during Game 3, and suddenly things don't look quite so bleak for the Phils.

2) Pedro Martinez. Pedro's first start was good, if not great. He held the Yankees down to two, solo home runs before he got tired in the 7th. Can he do it again? Sure he can. Pedro loves the big moment, and none will be bigger than Game 6.

3) They are still the defending champions. The Phillies, until the Yankees win another game, are still the defending champs. There is just as much, if not more, pressure on the Yankees right now. The Phillies won last year and know what it takes. Some of these Yankees (outside of the big four) are still trying to figure that out. This Phillies team has always carried that "one game at a time" mantra. They won't go down without a fight.

I'm still as confident in this team as I was one week ago. The Phillies wouldn't be where they are right now if they couldn't win three games in a row. It all starts with Game 6, tomorrow night.

Go Phils.


  1. Chase Utley is Philadelphia's personal Anti-Air Defense system against those Bronx Bombers!

  2. Great post Wetz. You got me fired up all over again. Let's go Phils.