Monday, November 2, 2009

These Pristiq Commericals Are Depressing

"And I have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, trouble concentrating, lack of energy...."

Yo, Pristiq, some of these World Series games are depressing enough without your Debbie Downer pill commercials. Are you sure you're advertising to the right market? Try moving these ads to 11am on CBS to catch the single (unemployed) women sitting down for their first glass of wine to watch some Price is Right. I don't need to see this lady or her sadness doll anymore.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Video after the jump.

Average World Series commercial sequence:
Beer ad
Car ad
Credit Card ad
Movie trailor
Cell Phone ad
Beer ad

Why are your lips so cracked, lady??


  1. do you know the commercial says, "Pristiq is thought to work..."

    what? you don't know why the shit works? honestly? maybe try some research? a test or two? so you are selling a medication, for like $150 a refill, that you "think" works for some reason. god damn medicine, figure some shit out for once.

  2. you forgot to mention the awesome direct tv ads

  3. dont forget the never ending blackjack taco commercials. those are pretty terrible...theyre only slightly worse than actually consuming taco bell and dealing with the chaos it wreaks on the stomach.

  4. Real question is what's worse... TBS pushing George Lopez, or FOX pushing Wanda Sykes? Seriously! Bitch hasn't been funny since Pooty Tang!

  5. A. I wouldn't be depressed if i had my own mood swing action figure. It would render the mundane social convention, "How ya been?" totally inocuous... peek my doll, man... thats how i'm doin.

    B. There'd be no sports without addictions to substinences.

    C. Wanda Sykes is pretty funny, Mike.

    4. Notice that FOX programming is becoming more liberal. Rupert Murdoch is a corporate mercinary from Australia, just like that adorable Gecco from the Geico adds

  6. at first view i though the commercial was a joke. i was actually hoping that the prestiq commercial was going to be similar to the miller lite one (the play on a dating site), where the guy pulls the beer from the side of the screen and goes "bbwooosh"

    i thought the woman in the commercial was gonna say miller lite saved her from depression. then i realized, miller lite is probably the reason she is depressed.

  7. to me, she looked more like a heavy liquor drinker...possibly scotch.