Thursday, November 19, 2009

Links for Friday

A year ago at this time we were still talking about this. Our quarterback, forever brilliant, didn't realize that games can end in ties.

It still sounds just as ridiculous a year later, doesn't it?

At least the Eagles play Captain Interception on Sunday. That has to be good news. I think.

Now to the links:
  • David Murphy at the Daily News took at look at the Phillies offseason needs this week. Third base, relief pitching and the bench. All good reads as free agency begins.
  •'s Andrew Perloff (who is normally an idiot) talked about the failure of the Wildcat to take off this year. I agree for the most part. Unless you run it like Miami, you probably shouldn't run it at all.
  • Matt Mosley of wrote an interesting article on Winston Justice and his career revival. I wouldn't totally call it a "revival" yet, but he has been the most consistent lineman for the Eagles this year outside of Jamaal Jackson.
  • Charles Robinson predicts who will make a playoff push over the next seven weeks. He's got the Eagles as the NFC's fifth seed, heading to Dallas for a first round playoff matchup. Sucks for Dallas, the Eagles have never lost their first playoff game (7-0) under Andy Reid.
  • The Sixers won Wednesday night and Elton Brand actually looked good. Here are the highlights, in case you have to see it to believe it.
  • Give this quiz a try, then read the list. It's almost unbelievable how bad the Eagles wideouts have been over the last 10 years. Remember this?
  • I can't believe I found this video. It's a terrible player who does nothing but talk about himself, interviewing an incredible player who never talks about himself, seven years ago. But hey, they were buddies at UCLA.
  • Hilarious motivational posters, she had a good night and this guy.
  • Here are some hot girls, a college sexpot and Salma Hayek's boobs. And college.

Enjoy your weekend.

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