Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

This morning's front page of philly.com made a rather familiar statement - Phils Still in the Running for Halladay. That's right, the trade deadline deal that never was seems like a possibility again.

Obviously the offseason has just begun and this is nothing more than a rumor, but it sure does get you excited for the next year.

The going rate for Halladay this time around will be less than it was at the deadline last year due to his impending free agency. It should no longer take 3 top level prospects as well as a young and promising current major leaguer. Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports "one elite prospect as part of a package at minimum" is closer to what would be asked.

A one-two punch of Lee and Halladay would be unmatched in all of baseball. They would win 35-40 starts between them. Plus, having two guys who go deep into games would be a huge asset for this team in particular due to some current bullpen deficiencies. Not only is the bullpen thin right now, but they became over-worked and tired during last year’s run. No starter (until Lee got here) was a threat to go the distance every night. With two of these types of pitchers in the rotation, bullpen arms would get much needed regular rest throughout the course of the year.

Let's keep in mind the Phillies still consider Kyle Drabek an untouchable. Who would be the center piece for the deal? Domonic Brown? JA Happ? Cole Hamels?? It's all anyone's guess, but I think if you bring Halladay in, you really need to try and sign him or Lee to a long term contract extension. I love for the "win now attitude", but I don’t see much point in this if you don’t keep one of them past 2009. I’m sure the Phillies would feel the same way. But which do you sign?  In my opinion, Lee gets the extension. He's younger, can swing the bat, and most importantly, is already a Phillie.  

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but for the record, I really do not see this happening. Not before July anyway.  I think this is nothing more than good 'Hot Stove' buzz right now.  The Phils have more pressing needs than jumping back in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes again. With departures and contracts ending, the Phillies have no third baseman, no bench, and couldn’t be any more thin at relief pitching. With guys like Werth and Victorino coming up for free agency in upcoming seasons, I just don't see the Phillies selling the farm when they will need the pieces for their own organization in a relatively short period of time.

Who knows - maybe we won't have to give up much at all.  Maybe we'll steal Halladay the way we stole Lee from Cleveland. 

Sorry Indian's fans!

The good folks over at the700level.com have put up a poll asking if you'd trade Cole Hamels for Halladay.  It is pretty interesting how divided this is.  In case you're wondering, I voted 'No'.  I, for one, am not ready to give up on Hamels. 

Check out the poll here.


  1. I'd rather have Matt Holliday than Roy Halladay ... either way the confusion of the ill-informed Philly fanbase continues.

    (Actual quote from old woman at the ballpark last July... "Did you hear we lost Halladay? Yeah, St. Louis got him"). Fuck you phoney fans!!! Start reading Lodi's sportsblog and get informed about things other than how much your kids DONT CALL YOU ANYMORE!!!

    By the way -- Who would've thought someone who sucks dick for a living would be such a good writer? (not you chris)

    Pornstar Courtney Cummz has a very good blog...

    How is it that all porn stars have expertly written blogs? Are they ghost written? And, ifso, can they get ghost-creampies? These are things I think about when I'm at home and the power goes out.

  2. i always assumed a ghost bukakke would be stranger to see.

    "Where's all that coming from??"