Monday, November 9, 2009

Eagles 16, Cowboys 20: Pointing Fingers!

Okay, so we lost to the Cowboys. Take a breath, let it roll around your mindgrapes for a while -- accept it. Acceptance is the first step. The second? Blame.

I could go ahead and point fingers at all of the usual suspects: Donovan McNabb, the refs, Barack Obama, my childhood, the GOP, illegal immigrants, daylight savings time, the BCS, performance enhancing drugs, the illuminati...but I'll save that for another time. For this game -- this loss -- I only have one big finger to point.

Finger goes to:

Andy Reid and the entire Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff.


We should be better than this.  While the blunder of kicking a field goal while you're down by a touchdown with no timeouts remaining is obvious, there were plenty of hints throughout the contest that proved the Eagles were not properly prepared before or coached well during this nationally-televised division matchup.

So its 2nd and 1 at a crucial point of the game.  You run LeSean McCoy up the middle for no gain.  Why use the smallest runningback on your roster to run a power play when your 250lb fullback is averageing 4.1 yards a carry?  Because you're stupid. 

So its 3rd and 1 now.  You run McCoy again and receive the same result.  Why would you call this play twice?  Because you're stupid.   

You then figure -- because it is a crucial part of the game -- that you'll go for it on 4th down.  It's best just to keep it in the hands of your overweight QB to get you the yard. You get stuffed again. You then use your last challenge on this play with only one timeout to spare. You lose. Was the spot blown by the refs? Yes. Should we have just handed the ball off to Leonard Weaver on 3rd and 1 and gotten the first to begin with? Yes.  Why did you let this scenario even come about? Because you're stupid.

The loss of Chris Gocong hit the team harder than expected.  Replacement linebackers are running into their own D linemen on zone blitzes. Where does the blame lay -- with the coaching staff.

Why is the Eagles offense based solely on big plays?  Why can't they sustain a drive?  Some blame certainly goes onto the shoulders of an oft-erratic QB.  Some blame goes to an offensive line with no camaraderie.  Some blame is pushed upon the young receivers (I'm looking at you, Maclin) who drop passes at inopportune moments.  But the majority of the blame has to go on the play calling.  While everyone was quick celebrate Marty Morningwheg's genius during last week's Giants game, we have to be equally upset with the fact that the "high powered" Eagles offense is LAST in the league in scoring drives over 10 plays.  Time of possession still means something, especially as the year goes on and the weather turns cold.

Lastly, understanding that the 2-minute warning is approaching and the Cowboys can throw it on 3rd down without worrying about keeping the clock running -- on a play that decides the outcome of the game -- you leave Tony Romo's biggest and most favorite butt-buddy weapon in single coverage with a linebacker.  This is a poor call and the fault of the coaching staff.

To anyone who watched the game, it was apparent that this loss could have been a win with just some common-sense football.  While the defensive and offensive play calling is not directly Andy's job, he is the head coach and blame always starts at the top.  By my count, 2 of the 3 Eagles losses (Oakland and Dallas) have been the result of Andy Reid being outcoached.  Andy Reid -- the greatest coach in the history of this organization -- has been outcoached by TOM CABLE AND WADE PHILLIPS.

I'm embarrassed for you, Andy.  Get your shit together.

And for God's sakes let Mike Vick throw a goddamn pass!

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  1. Agreed! Oh and i'm not sure "Single Coverage Coverage" sounds right. haha. But i like it! Can I take this opportunity to also blame Chris Collingsworth for sucking at commentation!