Friday, December 4, 2009

Experience Ochocinco In App Form

The Chad Ochocinco Experience, the newest and most revolutionary iPhone app is now available. I’ve gone ahead and actually downloaded this to my phone to personally check it out and review it.

The verdict? It’s pretty damn cool.

We could be looking at the future of sports related apps here. Ochocinco has become an expert entrepreneur in using technology to his advantage. He is utilizing all of the social media outlets available to him and in the process, getting “Brand Ochocinco” know by not only sports fans, but the general public. He’s providing entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, and Ustream. He even hangs with fans in the world of video games with his well know Xbox Gamer Tag of ESTABAN 85. And now, he’s branched out to mobile device applications.

The app actually has a lot of features and will keep you busy for quite some time. Ochocinco keeps it updated regularly as well, so content seems to be fresh. Here are some of the cooler features I’d like to highlight for you:
  • Ocho’s Jams – music picks that Chad has loaded into his current playlist
  • What Would Ocho Do? – Chad gives advice, or answers questions submitted by users on a daily basis. He also encourages people to send in possible endzone celebrations.
  • Ochocinco Soundboard – in English… and Spanish!
  • Among other features, there is a direct link to his Twitter, pictures of Chad doing random stuff, and an NFL news feed. All are updated daily.
There is even a 'Tips from Ocho’ section full of random quotes. For example- "Ocho Stinko is a great name for me, it means I’m the shit basically" or "Haters are confused admirers, they can't be or figure you out so negativity comes out their mouth" or "My swagg is at an all time high, resulting in the damn Swagg Flu H8N5...there is no cure".

With good reason, he’ll likely have this iPhone app format sampled by the most popular athletes in all major sports. It’s ingenious and innovative. You can personally follow your favorite athlete, enjoy some laughs, and relate with a megastar.

The app definitely gets TheWizWit seal of approval. Go get it on your iPhone today – it’s free till December 31st. Take to the comments if you have it and want to give your thoughts. For you Blackberry users, Ochocinco has said he will release an app in early 2010.

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  1. Haha Just downloaded it and it is pretty sweet. Its worth it just to see him in Target trying on Snuggies.