Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Championship Game Spread Picks

The Championship Games have arrived.  Who will represent their respective conferences in Super Bowl 44?  Well it's really anyone's best guess.  Would you be surprised if either the Vikings or Jets upset the favorites today?  Would you be equally un-surprised if the Saints and Colts just blew them the fuck out?

The answer is no.  So should you stay away and not bet today?  Since you'd be disappointed if I said 'yes', let's see what the Shark has dialed up for you today. 

Jets (+8) over Colts Colts (-8) over Jets
I admittedly flip-flopped on this game all week long.  When the game opened, I was all over the Jets.  Then by Wednesday, I was touting the Colts to cover.  Saturday?  Back to the Jets.  But it's time to put my money where my mouth is and back one of these teams 100%.  Normally I'd say take the points if you're wavering or undecided.  But instead, put your faith in this nugget of insight:  Peyton Manning has fared extremely well against Rex Ryan led defenses.  Manning is 4-1 against him.  He's thrown for over 1,100 yards and 9 TD's in those games.  All four wins were by more than a touchdown.  The one loss?  Last month when the Colts pulled their starters in the 3rd quarter.  At that time, they were ahead by 5, so who knows what the end result would've really been.  Colts win 24-13.

Is anyone else annoyed the games don't start till 3:00?  What the hell is with that?  They're throwing off my whole routine here. 

Saints (-3.5) over Vikings
Sportsbooks are taking a lot of action on the Vikings late in the week.  Its even caused the line to drop just a tick.  If the Vikings have had a weakness this year, its been playing on the road.  Between the crowd noise and the fact that the Saints seemed energized following their bye week by shutting down Arizona's #2 offense, you have to lay the points in this game as well.  Minnesota looked dominant last week, but I don't think Dallas was nearly as good as people were saying.  The Cowboys are not on the same level as the Saints (yes, I know Dallas beat New Orleans this season).  It doesn't matter; the Cowboys were just a hot team, not an elite one.  The Vikings will find that out today when Drew Brees and the Saints don't fizzle under the pressure like the Cowgirls did.  Saints win 28-20.

BONUS:  Bet the under 53.5 in the Saints/Vikings game today.  Thank me later.

The Shark

Enjoy the games!

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