Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flyers Take Game 3

Claude Giroux scored 5:59 into overtime and Philadelphia finally exhaled. The Flyers are back in the series.

After an incredible back and forth game, I really had no idea what to expect going into overtime. These teams have played pretty even hockey for most of this series (one could argue the Flyers have been the better team overall) so either team could have left last night with the win.

Thankfully, it was the Flyers cutting the series lead in half, 2-1. Giroux has been spectacular in these playoffs, with 20 points now in 20 games. If this isn't his coming out party, I don't know what is. I think it's safe to say that regardless of the outcome of this series, Giroux has taken the role as the best winger on this team, a role he's likely to hold for the forseeable future (the kid is only 22).

Also, I can't say enough about the job that Pronger has done with the Blackhawks top line. Kane and Toews had dominated the playoffs up until now, but Pronger (and Matt Carle) has worked hard to keep them from controlling this series. If the Flyers defense can continue to stifle those two, they've got more than a fair chance in this series. The Blackhawks may be more skilled, but the Flyers seem to play tougher and they are winning most of the one-on-one battles. I don't know much about hockey but I know enough to see this Flyers team is special. They've played their best so far this year with their backs against the wall. I don't see why that would change now.

It's an obvious statement to say the Flyers have to win again on Friday night. Winning on Friday would not only even the series, it would give the Flyers all of the momentum as they return to Chicago. Here's to a Game Four victory. Go Flyers!

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