Friday, June 11, 2010

Interleague Play...Uh Oh Spaghettios!

The Phillies are awful during interleague play. Terrible. The absolute worst. Last year they were 6-12, winning only one series (vs. the Yankees) and getting swept twice (vs. the Blue Jays and Orioles). Overall over the last two years they are 9-27 against the AL and sit at a .441 winning percentage all-time in interleague play (only the Padres and Pirates are worse).

To be honest, this stretch against the AL couldn't come at a worse time. The team is still mired in a three week long hitting slump and is about to face four teams with winning records. This might get "celebrities without makeup" ugly folks.

Here's the matchups:

Jun 11-13: At Red Sox
Jun 15-17: At Yankees
Jun 18-20: At Twins
June 22-24: At Indians
June 25-27: At Blue Jays (but the games are played at CBP, so not really)

Thats four good offensive teams (minus the Indians) and three good pitching staffs (minus the Sox and Indians again). Thankfully the Blue Jays series is at home due to the G20 Summit, so they do luck out there. However, the Phillies can't score any runs no matter where they play, so all may be for naught anyway.

The goal here has to be .500. Just go 8-7 or 7-8 and hope the Braves do the same. Even if the Braves play well, going .500 should keep them no more than four games out of first. That's plenty close when you consider the Phillies are ALWAYS great in the second half of the season. Just keep it close boys, we'll win it all later.

Go Phils.

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