Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quality Eagles OTA Coverage

Oh...but not from us. Matt Mosley, ESPN's NFC East blogger and frequent Big D slurper, went to Eagles OTA's today and actually had some very detailed and insightful observations about the 2010 team. How he managed to do this in between writing 7 posts concerning the Cowboys' kickers, I'll never know.

The Summation:

  • Howie Roseman has the Cowboys' depth chart posted in his office. It's so he can motivate himself to...negotiate better and look more important?
  • Nate Allen is bigger than you think.  Roseman: "We didn't take a guy at No. 37 to be on the sideline."
  • Cornelius Ingram looks big and fast. Might not be able to catch, though.
  • Riley Cooper and Hank Baskett both look impressive.  Not nearly as impressive as second-year man-God Jeremy Maclin, who put on more muscle and looks to take a leap this year.
  • Nobody gives a shit that DeSean skipped this OTA.
  • It's always sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Kolb looks sharp.  And although there are some throws that Soupy Johnston could make that KK can't, he shows great touch and hits players in stride.  I was also right to edit Jason Avant in Madden and give him a 95 Catching rating.
  • Rookie RB Charles Scott is not good.
  • Moise Fokou is trying to hold onto his spot as the startring SAM linebacker.  Seventh-round LB Jamar Chaney is a guy Roseman felt he stole at that point in the draft and, so far he looks promising.
  • The birds gave Brandon Graham a highlight mixtape of other short DEs like Elvis Dumervil.  Blah blah blah.
  • Starting corners Asante Samuel and Ellis Hobbs sat out with minor injuries (sidebar: the possibility of Joselio Hanson and Dimitri Patterson starting at CB at any point in the season scares the skittles out of me).  Macho Harris continues work at corner -- his natural position.  Quintin Demps learned to shut the fuck up this year so maybe the coaches will give him some playing time. 
  • McNabb wasn't there...it felt weird to Matt.  But Kolb "doesn't seem fazed by all the hoopla" and "has a swagger to him that suggests he's ready for this challenge."

Sounds pretty good to me, especially coming from a Dallas deepthroater like Mosley.

Also of note was (part of) a column by Adam Schein where he is "boom" -- terrible -- on the Eagles this season and thinks they will make the playoffs and contend for the division.

Now I could sit here and hand you some feigned sense of humbleness about these articles, but in a sick way I sincerely enjoy that national sports writers believe in our team.  It can't be healthy that I gather enjoyment from the positive opinions of dudes that have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of anything, but fuck it.  Go birds. Zipp Duncan.

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  1. Why didnt the Eagles add depth at corner again??