Friday, July 16, 2010

Athlete Website Review!

Periodically, TheWizWit will be bringing an athlete’s website to light. Some sites may be good. Most will be terrible. But it's the learning experience that will bring us all together.

So without further ado, let's get to our review of Trevor Laws' site! You know, before he gets cut.

Let me first say that, by all accounts, Trevor Laws seems like a pretty down to earth and genuinely nice guy. He takes time to answer all his fan's questions (there’s surprisingly a lot) and does so with actual answers instead of one word responses. It's good to see his fame modest NFL paycheck hasn't gone to his head.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way - this website is downright turrible. From a design standpoint, it's actually pretty decent. Then Trevor adds in his content and it quickly turns to dookie.

My favorite part of this website is the 'Club 93 Store'. The T-shirts are FANtastic. Check out the 'Obey the Laws' shirt. You know you want one.

Or maybe you're more into the personal logo Trevor has plastered all over his page. I know a few gentlemen that would KILL to have a shirt with an outline of Trevor Law's scraggly hair and scruffy beard. KILL I tell you!

Need a birthday gift idea? $20 will net you a Trevor Laws 3 point stance autographed photo! And by ‘birthday’, I really meant ‘gag’.

Trevor also has a slew of videos posted on his blog. Since highlights of his pro career do not exist, it’s full of videos ranging from high school highlights, to his wrestling matches, to his singing of his homecoming song. I honestly didn’t bother watching any of them, but all are riveting I’m sure.

All in all, I can’t fault Trevor for trying to ‘get his’. Even if he doesn't sell one autographed mini helmet at $40, he still can use this site as a way to interact and give back to his fans. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he dedicated each tackle in 2009 to a fan. All 10 of you are lucky and should cherish that.

I'll leave you with Trevor's signature quote as it appears on his site, "Lets Do Work. Superbowl homeboy." Superbowl ineed sir. But only if you obey the laws.

PS - I'm pretty sure Trevor Laws LOVES weed.


  1. sorry, Trev...your site needs work. we're still cool tho, right?

  2. Yea we're cool. Anonymous ordered one of my shirts after he saw it here.