Friday, July 23, 2010

The Eagles Chose This Man To Be The Face of Season Tickets

Actually, the Eagles held a contest for fans to write in and tell them what makes you such a passionate Birds fan. Yesterday they announced the 10 winners - one for each of the 8 regular season games and 2 more for the preseason contests. The winner for that week will appear on the front of all tickets issued for that particular game… you know, instead of players that people actually care about. Coldcuts McChin here is on the first preseason ticket against the Jaguars.

The complete group of rag-tag winners after the jump.

Behold your winners!

I'd honestly feel a little cheated getting stuck with a preseason game. Those are the games that poor people go to. And check out the game against the Falcons. I love the fact they went the sentimental route and put the blind guy on a ticket halfway through the year. That's gotta count for some good karma, right?

And finally, look at the guy on the ticket of the Vikings game. Something seems off about that guy. It looks like he was Photoshopped from the 'Sports Apparel' section of a JC Penney catalog. I know fake emotion when I see it sir!


  1. Coldcuts McChin is my new favorite eagles fan. He needs to have ongoing segments on this blog.

  2. The best part is "I know fake emotion when I see it sir!" As a friend of yours for more than 12 years now I can honestly say that you have been faking emotion since 1997. And probably before that to.

    Notice, however, how they put the woman on the Redskins game. A backwards stab at 5's bitchy ways? I say unequivocally yes.

  3. There has to be reason they'd but that old battle-axe on a ticket. Women and football dont's science. If it's not a swipe at McNabb then someone's got some 'splainin to do!

  4. Some may call him mild mannered, but I'm convinced Chris Lodi has been pulling off the greatest trick the world has ever seen: convincing the world that the devil doesn't exist. Once he hits the club scene though, that boy knows how to get krazy.

  5. My father is probably the most upset person to get his season tickets. Seeing these faces on the tickets was only the icing on the cake which was made of:

    A "going green" reusable POUCH in lieu of, ya know, an actual FedEx shipping envelope. Cuz paper is the worst, or something.

    This pouch didn't even have any measure of security to ensure that perhaps someone may open it and examine the contents. The adhesive strip had the grip of scotch tape, and left no way of knowing if it was opened one time or 50.

    And where did he find the envelope? Left between the front door and the screen. No signature required, I guess. Needless to say, these cheerful folks that replaced Trent Cole and Stewart Bradley were much happier than my father.

    His season ticket would include this crude portrait:

    >:-( Mick / Section 215