Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The One Where I Gush Over the Antwan Barnes Trade

Howie Roseman is a (inappropriate comment)*. And I say that in the most sincerely appreciative, complimentary way imaginable.

This man knows how to negotiate. While some early reports suggested his wheelin'/dealin' style may put him out of favor with other GMs around the league, what he has accomplished thus far in such a short amount of time is remarkable. Sure, it's far too early to grade all of his moves since, you know, the season hasn't started yet. But if you we're looking for the Eagles to get younger/get faster/cut payroll/rid themselves of malcontents, Mr. Roseman has more than delivered.

With that, I present you with the latest reason why I'm on the Rose-wagon: getting Antwan Barnes for a 7th round pick.

Sure, the biggest news of this weekends "cut day" was the signing of uber-average guard Reggie Wells and the trading of the awful, awful Stacy Andrews, but I believe this Barnes trade will make the biggest impact on this season. Why? Because Ravens fans think their team got hosed.

via Ravens Insider:

"'It was a shock to all of us,' outside linebacker Prescott Burgess said Monday. 'Antwan Barnes is a great pass rusher and a great player. I don’t what happened upstairs or the reason why they traded him.'"

And from the comments:

"Wow. I didn't see this one coming."

"This trade was also a shock to me. Barnes as, and always has been, an excellent pass rusher. Why he didn't get on the field much after that bengals game is a mystery to me.... Barnes' forte is getting to the QB...I think the Ravens will regret not having an edge rusher like Barnes."

"An absolute giveaway by Harbaugh. I don't understand why Newsome signed onto this."

via Baltimore Beat Down:

"Jesus. We got screwed. Maybe Ozzie does get trade raped..."

"Kind of upset about this move. I was really looking forward to seeing what Barnes was going to do this year..."

"Yea, I say a conditional 4th with it dropping down to a 3rd based on Barnes tearing it up, which I think he will do. They got some serious speed on the edges with Barnes and their rookie."

"It has to be at least a 4th round pick, because that is what Barnes was for us and has only increased his value. I am thinking a conditional 4th."

"So a 3rd, 4th, or 5th? Because If he went for anything less then that, we just got screwed."

Again, Rosie got him for a SEVENTH ROUNDER.

There's also this story from mid-August which salivates over Barnes' potential this year. Call me over excited if you want, but this dude is a legitimate pass rusher, a natural DE, AND has the ability to play OLB.

Maybe Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and Fat Andy being boys greased the trade wheels a bit, but the fact that Howie "Brooklyn" Roseman somehow turned Stacy Andrews into Antwan Barnes is awesome. Kudos, my Chosen friend.

 *My sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by my comments. I now recognize the unfortunate timing here and can only offer a sincere apology and my own embarrassment.

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