Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simple Math

mike vick starter

Countdown to extreme Andy Reid regret: 3 weeks?

And oh yeah, Michael Vick Blingee:

(Andrew Weber/US Presswire), (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

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  1. lets not get carried away. mcnabb is on last year of his deal, we werent going to extend him. kolb has been #2 in waiting for 3 years and has/ had the confidence from reid. we were told hes every bit as accurate as mcnabb hasnt been, and in this system you need qb accuracy. trading him was a no-brainer, maybe i wouldnt trade him in the nfc east, but thats over with. we got some trade value. washington isnt making the playoffs, we might not, but we have a chance. we didnt expect kolb to play like shit for a half, get hurt, and vick step in after 3+ years and be superman. for now, it is what it is, lets just deal with it and try to win some games. we knew we werent winning with donovan, weve been there-done that. listening to sports radio right now is tough, who knows who is right? i dont have huge expectations but im excited to watch. we're all just getting our butts lubed up for the next goaltender controversy in flyers land. peace