Monday, September 20, 2010

Eagles 35, Lions 32: Shady Vickness

Okay, I've got a confession to make: I didn't actually watch this game per se. My gf (who does my photoshop for free) got good tickets to Mets/Braves and I couldn't turn down the chance to root against the Braves and boo everything in sight for 3 hours. So yeah, I missed the Michael Vick Experience in his full experienceness and because DirecTV hates me, the game didn't properly dvr. So here I am providing commentary based on dozens of highlights, conversation with Eagles fans, conversations with Eagles haters, websites, other blogs, personal expertise and my own real-time neurotic checking of the box score.

So what did we learn? Well, Mike Bell Sucks Now, The Experience is Back, What About Shady?, Omar Gaither is the Worst, Jason Peters and the Magic Injury Machine, Defensive Tackles work Half Days, Special Thanks to Special Teams, NFC LEast?, Nate Allen DROY, and Juqua Parker Loves Sacks

Mike Bell Sucks Now - I say "now" because, like you, I saw this dude run over people last year for the Saints.  What happened?  Mikey...I don't like it.  Every couple of minutes I would glance down at my phone and see "Mike Bell carries for -2 yards."  I swear I saw that like 25 times.  I don't know what it is with him, but the harsh reality with RBs is that one second they'll have it, and the next they won't.  I'll give Bell another week because he's an (accomplished?) veteran, but if things don't change it may be time to move on.  Like how the Eagles did today by signing Bills practice squad RB Joique Bell.  Joique is a WAY cooler name than Mike...pack your bags we got a better Bell, bro.

The Experience is Back - What else can be said about the guy?  By the look of his pocket presence, I guess it's true that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  He scratched and clawed his way out of a ruff offensive line situation and doggoneit he impressed us all.  Every dog has its day and Sunday was MV7's.  Shtick!

What About Shady? -  Lost in the Michael Vick hype machine was the fact that LeSean "Shady" McCoy rushed for a 120 and 3 TDs.  Where's the press for this kid?  In two games he's already tied his number of rushing TDs from last year (4) and looks like he deserves to be fed the ball much, MUCH more.  I even heard that mindless dickface Jamie Dukes give Mike Vick FULL credit for Shady's success because he took the attention of the D away from McCoy.  Number one -- fuck you, Jamie Dukes.  You're a hack who's lucky to have a job in this economy.  Number two -- while I acknowledge that Vick's presence is a boon for any runningback, HE'S STILL THE ONE RUNNING THE BALL!  Great game from #25...we may just have to wait a little while longer until the mainstream media gives him his credit.  Did someone say 6.75 yards per carry?

Omar Gaither is the Worst -

This is one of the first pictures that came up when I Googled "the worst."  So I guess Omar is as bad as this album cover. He's terrible.  So so terrible.

I think a considerable amount of our defensive woes can and will be remedied by StuBrad's return.

Jason Peters and the Magic Injury Machine - Is it just me or does JP go down like 2-3 times a game?  I just know that the one time I say "Why is the hell is he down again?  Did he hurt himself lining up offsides?" he'll be done for the year.  So yeah, I'll keep playing along...but The Big False Start better keep getting back up.
[sidebar: I say this with love.  There seems to be a large contingent of Eagle fans who genuinely think Jason Peters sucks, which is far from true.  Sure, the guy gets called for a couple penalties per game, but I'll take 10 yards of penalties over 30 yards of DE sacks and an injured QB.  Dude is a talent.  Just maybe a tad slow in the brains.]

Defensive Tackles Work Half Days - I gotta give Sean McDermott credit -- I like what he's doing by moving QB-hunting rookie DE Brandon Graham inside to DT on passing downs to get extra pressure.  It's a great technique to get in the face of opposing quarterbacks.  You know whats another great technique? DEFENSIVE TACKLES THAT CAN GET TO THE QUARTERBACK.  Now, I'm not completely shitting on Mike Patterson and Broderick Bunkley, but there's a reason they get third downs off.  They're run stoppers, plain and simple.  It may be time next year to invest a high pick on a well-rounded DT.  Or, you know, an entire offensive line.

Special Thanks to Special Teams - Better coverage this week so credit to Bobby April.  Hey...lookin' good, Rocca.

NFC LEast? - Wow, the Cowboys look bad.  And so did the Giants.  And the Redskins just lost to a team coached by this guy. That whole best-division-in-football thing is lookin pretty flimsy.

Nate Allen DROY - Nine tackles and 2 picks in two games? Defensive Rookie of the Year? Could happen. Consider the fact that you haven't had to even think about him.  He held his own against the #1 or #2 offense in the league in his first game ever and his position was never a worry.  I know it's early, but the Birds taking Graham in the first round this year over Earl Thomas and coming back to nab Allen in the second looks pretty smrt.

Juqua Parker Loves Sacks - Both. Kinds.

Conclusion: It got too close there at the end and the defense showed that they are completely dependent upon Stewart Bradley. But a win is a win. Jacksonville is next and I think everyone knows it's time for Kevin Kolb to not look scared, to not get concussed, and to show us something. We'll see.  Go Birds.

(main Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

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