Monday, September 20, 2010

Heartless Nyjer Morgan Forces Phils Fan to Tour Nat's Facilities

As quietly as the incident was first reported, Nyjer Morgan was completely absolved of throwing a baseball at a Phillies fan last month. MLB rescinded the entire suspension and ruled the incident "an accident." Right.  No word on whether Gaby Sanchez just happened to be running full speed with an outstretched arm when Nyjer Morgan's neck accidently ran into it

Since Nyjer Morgan is nothing shy of a class act, the Washington Nationals forced aided him in inviting his victim to a Nats game this weekend. He was given seats directly behind the Nats dugout. This is probably because he would've had too much fun being near the dugout of a team he actually enjoys watching. Morgan further punished the fan by making him tour the dreadful Nationals clubhouse. Even worse, he made the poor guy lug around a worthless Nyjer Morgan autographed baseball. What a jerkass.

Clearly, due to the lack of a suspension, MLB already doesn't value the life and safety of Phillies fans. Had Morgan thrown a fucking baseball at a Cubs or Yankees fan, I'm sure he'd have gotten a few games on the bench.  C'est la vie of a Philly fan.

[The Washington Post]


  1. meh ... maybe nyjer will have a career in pro wrestling in 2-3 years? he seems to know how to get heat with a crowd real easy ... but washington will do what they can to draw a crowd of "fans" to their park ... even if the "fans" are for the other team (or are there to potentially see a UFC match between pitcher v. batter)

  2. stop ripping on nyjer morgan