Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fat Lady is Singing

I know we're all still depressed from a weekend of awful, but hey I've got a little good news for all of us: The Dallas Cowboys' season is over in October. Think about that for a second, they are 1-5. Tony Romo is hurt. BlueStarShockTrooper is still very much into penis (or onto penis, one or the other). Life isn't good right now for us Philadelphia fans, but this does make it a little better.

The fact of the matter is that the Cowboys had this coming. They are a team of douchebags, it's like Dez Bryant instantly quadrupled in douche-ness the second he was drafted. They gloat, talk trash and act like they've accomplished something in the past 15 years. No matter how intoxicating Miles Austin's eyes may be, it doesn't change the fact that the Cowboys deserve to lose. They just do. (Plus, it was only a matter of time before Wade Phillips utter inability to be a head coach reared it's ugly head.)

Anyway, let's all just be happy the Cowboys suck. We can all find a little bit of solace in that.

(Oh and check out this list from Bleacher Report. I know that site sucks, but still, this list is so awful I don't even know when to start.)

Image c/o Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.


  1. this image is the direct opposite of the ryan howard strikeout. this one makes me smile! :) the other one makes me want to funnel grain alcohol :(

  2. Seems a certain blog is into (or onto) my penis in particular--
    Not that I have a problem with that :) You cockroaches have to get my name out there somehow!

  3. When you're being used as a punchline, that's not a good thing. Just FYI.

    Anyway, I found this for you:

    I figure, since you've got no football to watch the rest of the season, perhaps you can focus on your health. Plus, there is one located in Texas, which is good news for you. I know it says it's only for teens, but I'm sure they'll make an exception for the great ShockTrooper himself. You'd probably be an inspiration to the other teens there. I mean, they'll finalize realize that even overweight (and ugly) people can have a fake life online where over 150 people will watch their awful videos. A dream come true, for sure! Plus you look like a 15 year-old anyway.

    Enjoy 1-15.