Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nobody Says That Now Nudda Like Iggy Says That Now Nudda

That Andre Iguodala is quite the wisenheimer. Sadly, the audio quality is pretty crappy, so we're not exactly sure how Evan Turner gets set up with a baby powder face-slap. You might recall Deion Sanders recently did the same to Steve Mariucci on the set of NFL Network’s Total Access.

Clearly, both of these guys are big fans of the cinematic genius that is the film How High. That fact alone is more than enough reason for me to post this video for you.  You should seriously be ashamed of yourself if you haven't seen that movie.  Luckily for any of you who are lost, we've included a clip below.  You're welcome.

I mean come on, there's a character played by Lisa Turtle is in this movie, so you know it's good.

[h/t The Basketball Jones]

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