Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And Here's a Hastily Photoshopped Picture of Derek Jeter in a Phillies Uniform

Beckett Media went ahead and created fake baseball cards featuring Derek Jeter wearing the uniform of every MLB team. I'm not really sure why. They kind of mailed it on these photoshops. In comparison to the body size, Jeter's head is reaching Polanco-ian proportions. And check out his right arm. He's either sickly skinny or has about as much muscle definition as a woman or small child.

One of the worst (there are quite a few horrendous ones) is San Diego Padres Jeter. Check that shit out. They didn't even bother to match up the skin color. I know Jeter is light-skinned, but you have him on the body of man that I can only assume has red hair and a farmer’s tan. You're not even trying, BeckettBlog.

Anyway, it's no Dick Pole, but if you're painfully bored I suppose it's worth perusing for a few minutes of amusement.

1 comment:

  1. Probably the worst one.

    1.) It's Jeter
    2.) The Mets.