Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drunk and High Midnight Mass FondleFest 2010!

Seriously, this chick looks like she got raped by The Joker. According to police, her and Chinpubes Tarantino here "crashed a Midnight Mass in Drexel Hill on Christmas Eve...stumbled down the aisle, fondled each other in a pew and flushed drugs down the church toilet." Okay sounds like the kids had some fun...why so serious??

Oh, probably because they had 43 random pills, plastic vials, and a shitload of heroin on them when the cops came. I'm guessing these two will be a little more low-key next time they attempt to rob a church on Christmas. Didn't white people see First Sunday? Even airbrushed Ice Cube knows it's a bad idea to get fucked up before an attempted church robbery. For shame, Alexander Pirone and Catherine McGrath of Upper Darby. For shame.



  1. No, white people did not see First Sunday.

  2. I never saw First Sunday, either. But it looks like it has the potential to be my favorite movie of all time. Although, i'd probably like it better if Ice Cube's role was played by Kenny Powers.