Thursday, December 30, 2010

God Prefers You To Die in Action Movie-like Scenerio

Check out this diagram of how the world has changed over the past decade. All the predictable shit is there: we use more technology, Earth's temperature is rising, the Chinese are using up all the world's energy, etc. But the shocking part is the huge difference in the number of natural disasters and the amount of deaths stemming from them we've had in the aughts. Five thousand more earthquakes? What the fuck??

It's just crazy to think that over 15x more people are dying because of natural disasters. I mean, 146,000 people died from that cyclone in Burma? That's 53x worse than 9/11! Do you think the people there have bumper stickers that say "We Will Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Forget"? I would. Then I'd move the fuck out of Burma.

h/t to io9


  1. 10 years ago, earthquakes in Burma were unrecorded and unaccounted for because it had not been discovered yet. Locals in Burma had been keeping track of the number of earthquakes on their brand new abacus, but every time a new earthquake came around it shook the abacus up and they lost count.

    god i hate the 3rd world.

  2. To be fair, Burma wasn't discovered until John Rambo needed a country to test out his new turret.