Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Philly Sports WikiLeaks: DeSean Jackson

TheWizWit has numerous private emails from many of Philadelphia sports' biggest names. 
We will leak them as we please.


Aye cuh. I KNOW you seend the game last nite. The hole WORLD is ridin my nuts ova the game last nite. N you kno what everybody in the entire world was thinkin wen they saw me MAKE HISTORY last nite?


I dont kno how I can make it more clear for you that i need WAY MORE than 800,000 hommie. Last time we talked to Jeff Lurie he was on that we-gotta-pay-vick stuff. Fcc Ron Mexico got ta do wit me??? Why i gotta pay for dat niccas herpes medicine!!!

Aye Brodie we both kno I'm the best at what i do. But then why am I not getting PAIDDD like the best at what i do!! Vick put us in a position to lose in overtime, I WON THA GAME. I burnt em up like cali kush.  ROLLENNNNNNNN.

Now i gotta put up wit Andy Reid callin me midget n givin me nuggies n shyt aye Ima SUPERSTAR homey wit my game nothin is unpossible. Look at this:

AND did u kno Im the 1st person EVRR to make the pro bowl in 2 DIFFERENT POSITIONS!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT SHTT!!

Checc it, I kno you asked me to be more professional in my presentations, so I made a diagram 4 u:

Yes I want a Fabergé egg! And dont be surprized i can spell Fabergé! Im fancy!



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