Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Afternoon Links: I Hope You Slowly Drown While a Giant Octopus Eats Your Yacht

$1bn Streets of Monaco Yacht a Floating City- Fuck you, billionaire who plans on building this. Love, Non-Billionaire Humans Everywhere. []

Wikileaks cable about UFOs revealed? - Yes, UFOs exist. And the Government wants Department of Defense employees to shut the fuck up about it. [io9]

Guy Asks for Million Dollars on YouTube and Gets It - I guess all it takes to become a millionaire is persistence, internet access, and some rich showoff with a sense of humor to give it to you [The Daily What]

Deadspin's AJ Daulerio Featured in GQ - I'm not sure whether I'm happy, jealous, or angry. Sure, we've sent stuff to Deadspin that they've used without giving us credit. But I'm no hater. Congrats, asshole. [GQ]

Kanye West To Have Gay Sex in Movie Role - I'm sure the Hip Hop community will be thoughtful and understanding about his acting asperations. Or call him a faggot. Either one Probably both. [Huffington Post]

Watch Dozens Of Cars Crash On Iciest Hill Ever - Not sure why we love seeing cars go smash. But we love seeing cars go smash. [Jalopnik]

Most Creative Contract Clauses of Offseason - MLB players had a bunch of silly things written into their contracts this year.  $50k for J.C. Romero if he wins a Silver Slugger?  What do you mean he hasn't had an at bat since 2003? [ESPN]

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