Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Afternoon Links: Natalie Portman is a Dork

Natalie Portman Cracks Herself Up - This is equal parts cute and annoying. I still love you, girl. [DListed]

Cuba Shoots its First Zombie Movie - It's called Juan of the Dead. I shit you not. [BBC News]

Kid Possessed By Micheal Jackson Kills It for the Jumbotron - Not like there's anything else to do during Bobcats games. [The Chive]

Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising - I've had real-life meetings about this kinda stuff at work. I'm now depressed. [Digg]

Texting Woman Falls into Mall Fountain - Give her some credit on the casual walk away. [Asylum]

If Madden Player Ratings Were More Detailed - Flacco gets a 100 for Poise and Calm, but he really needs to do something about his Eyebrows rating. [Sports Pickle]

White Kid Raps Really Fast - More importantly he makes it seem effortless while having solid lyrical content. And you gotta trust my opinion here. I'm black. [Buzzfeed]

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