Friday, January 28, 2011

Afternoon Links: Stay Fancy This Weekend

Is Charlie Sheen Dead? - Is now officially its own website. Keep smokin' coke and banging porn stars, Charlie. You're a hero to us all. [Buzzfeed]

Dazed and Confused Rapped in 120 Seconds - White dudes are killing it lately with the fast rapping -- I'm just glad somebody is putting it to good use. If you like the movie you must watch this. If only Mystikal were alive to hear guys rapping this fast. Oh, he still is? Oh. [Flavorwire]

Iggy Pop's Torso is Sad - So, so sad. [Skull Swap]

Dumbest Reviews of Classic Movies - According to the New York Times, Godfather II "recalls how much better [the] original film was." [TruTV]

Masturbating Animals - Yes, there is a web site dedicated solely to masturbating animals. Somewhere, your family is disappointed in you. [Asylum]

The Greatest Break-Up Letter Ever - Gets even better with its' dramatic reading. Hilarious. [YTMND]

Zach Morris Smells Pot - Do you smell it? [Skull Swap]

Man Sues For Unsatisfying BJ - Obviously this was a terrible idea. Everyone knows the only way to get justice in the sex industry is a 4am unmarked desert grave. [True Crime Report]

Gorilla Walks Upright Like a Man - Cause all the bitches love a biped, creationists be damned. [Daily Intel]

Eagles Fans Most Depressed in NFL - Listen, I've only cut myself twice over Birds' games. I think I'm fine, thank you. [My Fox Philly]

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