Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Al Davis Is As Horrifying As Ever

This lovely photograph is from Hue Jackson's introductory press conference as the Raiders new head coach. You really don’t get much more dreadful than this. No words exist which can accurately express just how revolting this truly is.

Considering what the rest of this ghoul’s face looks like, what types of cavernous gashes or immense liquid seepage do you suppose he's hiding under those Band-Aids? I don’t think I can allow my imagination to go to a place dark enough to even venture a guess. It's a mighty sad day when a herpes sore the size of a quarter is the least of your problems.

h/t Tirico Suave


  1. Where can I get a Halloween mask like that?

  2. remember the first Resident Evil game, where you walk into the room and you see a guy sitting in a chair and he starts wit the spasms, and then turns his head real slow and it's a scary ass zombie?

  3. The descriptive language you employ to describe this is about as comical as it gets because, well, it's true. Lmfao. That is the most universally abhorring thing that I have ever seen.

  4. Al Davis,
    -fired Tom Cable
    -cut Nnamdi Assomough
    -is really old
    -and needs to die.