Monday, January 24, 2011

Here Is What Asante Samuel Has To Say About Jay Cutler

So basically, Jay Cutler is bitch.  But that's not all Asante had to say.  He took to his Twitter on multiple other occasions last night to let everyone knows what he thinks about Señor Cutler. 

Hit the jump to see some more trash talk from "The President CB".

He wasn't the only one either.  Maurice Jones-Drew had a good tweet.  Actually make that two.  So did Darnell Dockett.  Even Anthony Armstrong got in on the fun.

Personally, I don't think Cutler quit on his team.  This was the biggest game of his career.  If he could've gone, he would have.  It's not like this was a random Week 4 game against the 49ers or something.  This was the NFC Championship game.  Give the guy a little credit.

But for his sake, his MRI better come back with some torn shit.

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