Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeless Guy Wakes Up to Rat on Face in NYC Subway

It's no secret that I live in New York. Great city for culture, food, events...not so much the people, but you get the point. Everyone fucking glorifies this place, but let me tell you this: NYC is the dirtiest city ever.

I had friends from Philly visit me in Brooklyn last week and they we all like "Wow, this is way cleaner than N Philly." And on the surface they're right. But they didn't ride the subway. They never sat next to bloated homeless guy whose pissed himself for 30 straight days and is drunk off E&J singing gospel songs. They never watched a regular-ass businesswoman throw up on herself waiting for a train at 5:30pm. And they definitely never had a rat run up their leg and onto their faces.

A rat...on your face. You just know Mr. Hobo drank twice as hard that night.


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