Friday, January 21, 2011

Leonard Weaver Still Can't Lift His Foot

Eagles Central - Pro Bowl fullback Leonard Weaver suffered a severe ACL tear on his first carry of the season back in September.The injury is so severe that Weaver’s chances of playing professional football again are “remote”, says a source. Weaver didn’t just tear his ACL. He tore his PCL and suffered serious nerve damage as well. He recently underwent his third major operation in the last week, in an attempt to help regain movement to his left foot. Weaver has not been able to lift his foot since the inury over four months ago.

Damn. This news just made me legitimately sad. You may recall that Leonard Weaver is my favorite person in the world. Or at least the personality he portrays on Twitter is my favorite person. He's just so damn positive. And as someone who can only communicate with the outside world through sarcasm and cynicism, I am in awe of his genuine niceness. I mean, damn, his knee went the other way and probably ended his career, and motherfucker is still upbeat and friendly TO EVERYONE. Just throwin around retweets like it's nothing.

Get well, LW.

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