Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's Play Imagining

YouTube is brilliant. I mean, it basically told me to watch this video today...I didn't even have to look for it. Granted, it also told me to watch this video too, so I guess YouTube isn't right all the time (or is it...?).

Anyway, I had forgotten about this commercial. The first thing I thought about as I watched it though, even though it's fake, was that it sure seemed like this is was a play the REAL Michael Vick made this year. Granted he wasn't throwing to someone as physically dominating as T.O., but this video isn't too far off from the reality that was 2010 Michael Vick.

Side bar: Imagine if the Eagles had Vick instead of McNabb in 2004? I realize that McNabb had an incredible amount of success that year, and that he lead the Birds to a 13-3 record and a close Super Bowl loss. I also realize that all this Michael Vick love is based on a 9-game stretch where he looked like the greatest QB in the history of football. I know he needs to do it again, I know he has to prove this year wasn't a fluke and that he can adapt now that defenses are sure to adapt to him. HOWEVER, the Eagles offense behind Michael Vick was one of the most dynamic offense I've ever seen, they could score almost at will for those 9 games. Andy Reid obviously tutored this guy and triggered something in him (well, Andy Reid and jail) that hadn't been triggered before. He completed 62% of his passes, blowing away his former career high, and he scored 9 rushing touchdowns, a crazy amount for any QB. Imagine him with Westbrook and T.O., possibly the best two skill position players the Eagles have ever had (not that McCoy, DJax and Maclin are slouches, just sayin'). Plus the Eagles had a good offensive line then. If Reid had him earlier in his career, got him understanding how to be a real QB AND use his raw athletic gifts...well...Championship. Or maybe he needed jail the whole time to wake up. Whatever, a guy can dream.

So, if you remember nothing else about this past year, remember this: Nike made a commercial with a computer generated Michael Vick that made an incredible play that no QB could have ever made...and then the REAL Michael Vick made that play. 329 times.

Fuckin' Packers.

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